1. Downloading the application

The Envoice mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices.

The application can be used:

  • In Android devices with an operating system of 5.1 or newer;

  • In iOS devices with an operating system of 9 or newer.

It is simple to find the mobile application in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To download the application, use the following links:

Apple App Store (iOS/iPhone, iPad)

Google Play Store (Android)

2. Logging into the mobile application

In order to use the mobile application you must log into the application. Use your e-mail address and password to log in.

NB! If you registered an Envoice account by using an ID card or Mobile ID, you must create a separate password for using the mobile application. You can do this here.

3. Taking a photo of an invoice or receipt

If you only wish to take a photo of expenses documents (receipts or invoices), click the camera icon in the mobile application. The camera view will open after clicking the icon. You will find a button at the top right of the camera view to go back to the front page; you have the opportunity to switch on flash photography on the left. 

There is a button for taking a picture from the gallery at the bottom of the photography view, a photographing button in the centre and if you use the “Series” or “Pages” view, a list of pictures and a button to finish photographing will appear at the bottom right corner.

Ways of taking a photo


Photograph an invoice or receipt, attach the photo, add a description, category and choose the means of payment and send the photo to Envoice. NB! If you wish to use the document in an expenses or travel report, create a report first and then photograph the documents.


The series photographing mode is mainly suitable for making reports if you have more than one expenses document that you wish to send under one report. If you use the series mode under a report, all photographed documents will be linked with the selected report.


The pages photographing mode is intended for photographing and sending invoices that consist of several pages. NB! If you wish to use a document in an expense or travel report, create a report first and then photograph the documents.

4. Creating expense reports

To create an expense report click on the new report icon in the top right corner.

Then choose the expense report type and enter the report data.

To add documents into the report press on the photograph button at the bottom and photograph the expenses documents related to the report.

An expense report created in the mobile application will be created in a “draft” format and it must be completed in the Envoice web application.

5. Desktop

After photographing documents or creating reports these will appear on the application desktop and the web application.

The documents can be distinguished by a colourful dot in front of the name of the document:

  • green – expenses document;

  • blue – report.

When pressing on the added or created document the document view will open:

  • the expenses document shows the photo that was taken and additional data;

  • documents added into the report are displayed with the report and the report data view will open when pressing the pencil icon at the top right corner.

You can delete the added documents or reports in the web application or mobile application by dragging the desired document right/left and then pressing the deleting icon that has appeared.

6. Statuses

Expense documents


Document is being uploaded.

Document has been loaded onto the Envoice server.

There is no internet connection, uploading of the document is on hold.

The document has been uploaded and is in the queue to be processed.

Data recognition is taking place.

Document has been processed.

Document is faulty or illegible.



Documents in the expenditure report are being processed (uploading or data recognition is taking place).

The expense report has been sent to Envoice. Use the web application to complete the report.

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