What is an e-invoice and how they are distributed?

An e-invoice is a machine readable invoice in XML format that substitutes completely a paper or an e-mail invoice. It is in digital form from its creation in the financial system by the issuer until it is received and processed by the recipient. 

Envoice supports e-invoice delivery (receiving and sending) via Estonian e-invoicing operator network (between Estonian companies only)

Companies accepting e-invoices, have to enroll the capability in Estonian Business Register. The enrollment has to be initiated from Envoice and it can be made by member of the management board only.
Activating e-invoicing in Envoice requires Administrator privileges. 

In addition to activating the e-invoicing in Envoice, you need to confirm your readiness to accept e-invoices, in Company Registration Portal (managed by Estonian Business Register) as well.

To  activate e-invoicing:

1. Log in to your Envoice account
2. Go to Settings, then General and find section E-invoices settings
3. Click E-invoices: "Activate"
You will receive warning "Representation of the company is not confirmed"

4. Click "Confirm"
On next window, to confirm your authorization to represent the company, you will need to login (authorize) with Estonian ID card, or Mobile-ID.  Now you will see the list of companies, where you have the authorization to represent the company.

5. Find Envoice’i väline Eesti e-arve and click "Activate"
Now Envoice will inform Estonian Business Registry about your your willingness to accept e-invoices.

6. Estonian Business Register will send you an e-mail (official company e-mail address in the registry) about your enrollment.
You will need to log in to Company Registration Portal  and provide your confirmation, by accepting "e-arveldaja, Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus" as your service provider for e-invoicing.

E-arveldaja, Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus, is a partner for Envoice for e-invoicing delivery.

7. The enrollment becomes effective next working day after providing the confirmation at Company Registration Portal.
Following that, suppliers in Estonia are able to send you e-invoices and you will find them at your workspace in Envoice.

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