Invoices allow you to bill a Client for your products and/or services, and help you keep track of your sales in Envoice. Envoice lets you create invoices you can print, email or send as electronic invoice. You can attach files, code items to different accounts and publish created invoices to your integrated accounting software. 


  • Invoicing functionality (Sales module) is available in Sales plan only.

  • This action is available to users with Sales access only. Learn more about user permissions

1. Create an invoice 

Go to Sales module. Click on the Create invoice button

2. Select the customer you're invoicing

You can choose an existing customer or add a new, by clicking "Add New"

3. Review invoice details

The fields are pre-populated, but you can edit them if needed. 

4. Add the items you're invoicing your customer for

Select an item for a line: either from your saved items list or select general service/product and add a description.

To create a new line for items click "Add a new line" button

To delete an item line, click Delete (Recycle Bin) icon

5. (Optional) Add additional notes

Notes are best for comments, shipping details or any other information. Notes are unique to each invoice and will not be remembered for next time.

6. (Optional) Attach any files to your invoice

Whenever you may need to add an attachment to your invoice, you can do so in invoice attachments section, by uploading file from computer. You can attach them to an email sent to your customer. 

7. Save and Send

Once the invoice looks the way you want it, you can either click on:

  • Save - if you're not quite finished working on it. It will be saved as draft.

  • Approve - Invoice will be locked against any modifications and can be sent to your customer.

Click Send and select Email and a preview comes up where you can change or add more email addresses and personalize the email for your client. 

Invoice fields

If you're creating or editing a sales invoice, here's some guidance on entering information into the fields. Envoice helps by filling in some of them for you – though you can change them if your user account has corresponding permissions.

Invoice detail fields

Customer -  of the customer you're invoicing.
If you are invoicing new customer, click "
Create New" to create a customer.
Payment type -
Select the suitable payment type, how your customer will pay for your invoice.
Invoice Number -
Unique, sequential number that is pre-populated by your account setting, but you can also edit it, by ticking "Change Invoice and reference number. It must be unique and the numbering might go out of sequence.
Reference number -
You can add a reference to help you search for the invoice, and to match with your bank account transactions. It'll show on the invoice.
If the customer uses the reference in their payment, your accounting system may automatically match the statement line with your invoice when you're reconciling.
Invoice date
 - The date displayed on the invoice.
Due date - The date you want the invoice paid by.
Invoice issued by
- Select the Evoice User whose name should be on the invoice
Currency - You can select a foreign currency that using for this invoice
- select in which language the invoice will be created
Notes -
are best for comments, shipping details or any other temporary information! Add a summary or details to the Invoice. Notes are unique to each Invoice and will not be remembered for next time.
Bank accounts
- select which of your predefined bank accounts will be presented on invoice.

Item line fields

Add, edit and delete the items you're selling.

You can set default information for items. When you add items to invoice, the defaults are automatically entered into the fields. For example, the tax setting, account, and VAT rate.

Service / product - Select an existing item from dropdown or use General product / General service if custom service/product is sold
To create new items click button "Create new product/service"
Description - If General product or General Product is selected as an item, enter custom description of the item. Only description is visible on invoice.
- The quantity of the item you've sold.
Unit Price - The price of the item If you've selected an predefined item, the unit price will be the same as entered in your items settings.
Total Discount %
- You can enter a percentage discount for the item.
VAT% -
VAT is be pre-populated by item, but you can change it here if needed

Recording fields

You can edit, how the items on your invoice are recorded on accounting system, by clicking on "Record" (Pencil) button.

Sales account - Envoice fills an account based on, how you've created the item, but you can edit this suggestion. The account doesn't show on your customer's invoice.
Projects - You can choose if Project are used in company account and permitted for Invoicing. It won't show on the customer's invoice.

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