The User Roles section in the User page allows you to control the visibility and accessibility your users have to specific information within Envoice.  Each of the users can be assigned to multiple roles based on what access level they need to have.

Note: The first user to start a new company account is automatically given Chief accountant (Admin User) User rights. Any users promoted to Admin User privilege can remove the Admin User permission of the initial user, if needed

Chief accountant (Admin User): 

Have full access to an account and its settings. Able to send items in, view and modify all items, set up rules, modify subscription plan and integration settings.
The role enables to change all user related settings and determines substitutes for approval workflow
Chief accountant does not have an approver permission by default, it has to be added.


the role enables to enter purchase invoices and add recordings to documents. Create and initiate approval workflow.


the role enables to approve documents designated for their approval (purchase invoices, expense and travel reports) and only see documents related to them in Envoice. One document may have several approvers.

Approver and Coordinator can have as an additional permission right to code documents (add accounts, projects/objects etc)


the role enables to participate in approval workflow, but not as the final approver.


can create and submit expense and travel reports.


the role enables to prepare sales invoices.


Users with the Auditor role have access to viewing all documents in company  Envoice account but cannot edit or add any information.

Payment administrator: 

the role enables to make all operations related to payments from uploading a bank statements to marking invoices manually paid.

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