Note: All user management actions are available only to Admin Users (having Chief accountant's role).
Note: Envoice is not billed by the number of active users in the company Envoice account. Adding a user does not affect the cost of your Envoice subscription. 

Adding a user to Envoice

  1. Login to Envoice

  2. Go to Settings > Users

  3. From here, you can add other people to your company account by clicking the Invite User button. The Add users page will then open.

  4. Enter Email address of the user.

  5. Click show more options to enter optional user settings (See Optional User settings section to know more about other user related settings)

  6. Choose the required Roles for the user. (See User Roles section to know more about roles)

  7. Click Send Invitation button to send the email invitation.

Change user permissions

  1. Login to Envoice

  2. Go to Settings > Users

  3. Click on the name of user. The user's profile page will then open.

  4. Select or deselect any Roles (See User Roles section to know more about roles)

  5. Click Save

Deactivating user

Sometimes in your organization, the users hierarchical status may change or they may leave company. In such cases, you might have to deactivate those users. 

Note: deactivating a user is different from deleting a user. 

  • When you deactivate a user they will no longer be able to access your company account, but do not lose access to other companies accounts if they had one.

  • The user will be listed under Deactivated Users and all links to documents related to deactivated user will remain intact.

  • You may always activate deactivated user

  • If the user has not jet accepted the invitation you will delete the user instead of deactivating it.

To Deactivate user

  1. Login to Envoice

  2. Go to Settings > Users. The user's list page will then open.

  3. To deactivate a user you may click on the (X) button at the right side of the user's name or Click on the name of user and click Dectivate

  4. Confirm by clicking Yes 

Optional User settings

Note: in order for all users to be able to complete all settings, the chart of accounts and  payment methods setup should be completed first. Therefore the first user should be the chief accountant who will make all of the bookkeeping settings and then the rest of the users should be added into the system.

Job title

this description will be displayed in the approval workflow and on reports.

Bank account: 

Users personal banking information for reimbursements.

Work email:

If the user account was created with personal email address, but employees official email should be displayed on documents, fill the work email address.

The same applies to the field “Work telephone”.

Approval limit: 

User can approve purchase invoice or expense up to a approval limit. 

Items over the limit have to be also approved by another user with appropriate limit before publishing to ERP.

Note: Before you automate something within an approval process, be aware of the limits and considerations.

Do not send approval workflow notifications:

it is possible to exclude user from receiving workflow notifications by selecting the option.

Permitted IP addresses: 

Use if the company restricts from which computer Envoice can be accessed.

Default sales correspondence account: 

Used if the company general payment term does not apply to the user and other account must be designated.

Default purchase correspondence account:

Used if the company general payment term does not apply to the user and other account must be designated.

How will invited users be notified?

If your invited users have never signed up for Envoice before:

They will receive an invitation email from Envoice. This email link will allow them to set their own password, and sign into the company Envoice account that you have invited them to join.

If your invited users have signed up for Envoice before, and are members of another Envoice account:

They will receive an email notification that they have been added to your account.

They will simply use the same login credentials they have already set, and will be able to switch between the companies by simply using the Change company option in the upper right corner of the app.

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