It’s simple to integrate your Envoice with your SmartAccounts account, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your SmartAccounts web account.

  2. Navigate to Settings and click on the Connected Services

  3. Scroll to the API section of the page where you will find section API key: public  and API key: private

  4. Select and copy the API Tokens, one by one 

Now you have the integration API Tokens and following steps have to be made in Envoice:

  1. Login  to your Envoice account

  2. Click Settings, then click Integrations

  3. Find SmartAccouts and click on it

  4. Insert the API tokens you have received from SmartAccounts and click Activate

Integration settings

  • Selecting Coding required prevents that documents will be published to integrated Accounting Software without Coding.

  • Select Automatic publishing ON (available with plan Essential) for documents to be published immediately to your integrated accounting software upon completion of processing. Please make sure you set up all necessary rules to ensure that only the correct information is applied to your items before auto-publishing occurs.


On initial activation of the integration, bookkeeping settings from SmartAccounts will be synced to Envoice.

Select Auto Sync to keep your data accurate between Envoice and SmartAccounts. Changes in settings are synced once a day.

Manual synchronization

If Auto Sync is disabled or you wish to implement changes made in SmartAccounts immediately to Envoice use manual syncronization. 

  1. Login  to your Envoice account

  2. Click Settings, then select Bookkeeping

  3. Select the desired section of Bookkeeping settings you wish to apply changes immediately and click Sync

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