It’s simple to integrate your Envoice with your ERPLY Books account, just follow these steps:
Note! Before integrating, please make sure that  the Company Registration number is identical in both systems

  1. Login to your ERPLY Books web account.

  2. Navigate to your Settings menu and click on the API settings

  3. You will find section API Token

  4. If API Token field is empty, Click on the button Generate New API Token

  5. Select and copy the API Token

Now you have the integration API Token and following steps have to be made in Envoice:

  1. Login  to your Envoice account

  2. Click Settings, then click integrations

  3. From section "Accounting software" click ERPLY Books 

  4. Insert the API token from ERPLY and click Save

Integration settings

  • Selecting Coding required prevents that documents will be published to integrated Accounting Software without Coding

  • Select Automatic publishing (available with Essentials plan only)
    Publish all attachments ...


On initial activation of the integration, following Bookkeeping data from ERPLY will be synced to Envoice:

  • Chart of accounts

  • Contacts of Suppliers and Customers

  • VAT Codes

  • Projects and Project Groups 

Select Auto Sync to keep your data accurate between Envoice and ERPLY Books . Changes in ERPLY Books settings are synced once a day.

Manual synchronization

If Auto Sync is disabled or you wish to implement changes made in ERPLY immediately to Envoice use manual syncronisation. 

  1. Login  to your Envoice account

  2. Click Settings, then select Bookkeeping

  3. Select the desired section of Bookkeeping data you wish to apply changes immediately and click Sync

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