Why has my payment failed?

If automatic credit card transaction is declined, you will receive an e-mail notification about a failed payment and you might need to fix a problem with your Billing Account. 

There is usually a reason provided in the e-mail, if it is  provided by payment processor. Whenever there is no reason provided in e-mail notification, you have to contact your bank regarding the declining reason.

Find the issue you’re experiencing below:

“Transaction exceeds the withdrawal limit of the account”

  • It sounds like you may need to verify your account to lift your withdrawal limit. There's a limit to the amount of money you can withdraw from your card within certain time. Please check your account balance or contact your bank.

 “Transaction exceeds the activity limit of the account”

  • You will need to contact your bank to change the account limits or use a different payment method.

"Your credit or debit card associated with your billing account has expired”

  • Check to see if your card is expired. If it is, add your new card details  to the Billing Account.

“Your account has insufficient funds for this transaction”

  • You might not have enough funds in your account to make the payment. Check your account balance or contact your bank.

How to pay my overdue payment

If your subscription payment is overdue, your account may be suspended and you won't be able to access your Company. If you're the Billing Account user, you can pay the overdue amount.

To make an overdue subscription payment

  1. Sign in to Envoice. 

  2. In the top right corner of Envoice, click your name to open your profile, then click Billing.

There you can see all the Billing Accounts associated with you. 

  1. Choose the overdue Billing Account and click View.

  2. Click the Pay now link to pay the overdue amount instantly.

If you want to make the payment with a different debit or credit card, you'll need to update your Billing Account card details before making a payment.

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