Accepted payment methods

Envoice allows you to make payments using debit and credit cards. 

We use recurring billing and automatically charge your card on monthly schedule. We continue with monthly charges until you close your Billing Account or end your Company subscription.

Enterprise clients qualify to pay using direct bank transfer. With this type of Billing Account you receive an invoice each month for active subscriptions. You can then initiate your own direct bank payment. 

How to update my organisation's payment method

There are two ways you can update your payment method. You can either change a Billing Account which is responsible for payments of certain Company or you can update the information on your Billing Account.

To update your Billing Account credit card details:

  1. Sign in to Envoice. 

  2. Click Settings, then click Subscription and then Billing 

  3. Click Go to linked Billing Account

  4. On the window Payment method, click Update

  5. Update card information and click Save

To change linked Billing Account see  Article Billing account

VAT invoices

If your Company’s address is in the European Union, you'll be charged value-added tax (VAT) on every payment to Envoice. For tax purposes we always issue a tax invoice.

You are required to validate your company’s VAT number before you can  receive a EC reversed VAT invoice.

How does the direct bank payment Billing Account work?

Rather than automatically charging your credit card for your monthly payment, Envoice sends you a monthly invoice. You can pay us by direct bank payment. Usually, we issue the invoice on the first days of the calendar month for previous month’s fees.

Your monthly invoice is sent to an email address you specified on the linked Billing account as “billing e-mail”. 

To make sure you always receive your invoices on time, keep your e-mail addresses up to date on your Billing account

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