Until the reporting person has not completed the report and sent for an approval process, all receipts added to the report as well as the report heading can be edited.

If the accountant discovers that data has been entered incorrectly in respect of some expenses document i.e. the expenses distribution is incorrect, the approval process must be cancelled and the expenses document can be amended then. The report must be sent for an approval again after the amendments.

If the report has reached the recording or approval phase:

  • The approval workflow must first be cancelled (this can be done by the approvers or accountant)

  • Then you must press the button “Delete reports” (this can be done by the person that submitted the report) and only now can you make corrections to the receipts:

Even if you only want to make corrections to one receipt, the following question must be answered in the affirmative:

Now it is possible to change expense distributions or remove the receipt from the report. If the desired corrections have been made, approvers must be added to the report again and the report must be sent for an approval round. Then the report will move back to the accountant’s desktop again together with the receipts where they will change and record all receipts again if necessary.

If it has become evident that the report nor its receipts are accepted in the company in the submitted form, the report can also be deleted here.

Amending or cancelling an approved report

If a report is approved but a need arises to amend or cancel it, the approval round must be cancelled first. Envoice does not permit making amendments to approved documents and deleting them is also not permitted.

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