Submitting a travel application before the beginning of the travel can be used as one way of commencing a travel. With travel applications it is possible to:

  • Approve the time, place and purpose of a travel;

  • Calculate the estimated expenses of the travel;

  • Request for an advance payment to cover travel expenses.

After the travel a travel report can be prepared on the basis of the previously created travel application. The submission of a travel application can be commenced: Expenses->My travels->New application.

Travel application heading

As a first choice you must select from the drop-down menu whether it is a local or foreign travel.

As the next option you must specify the travel dates and definitely also the estimated beginning and end time. You must add the country of destination and you may also add the city of destination.

According to the rules established by your employer you can also add the purpose of the travel, i.e. a short description. If the company uses dimensions in the expenses accounting, these can also be added here.

The application can be prepared as a so-called group application i.e. it can be prepared for several people at once. In such a case the names of all seconders and also their settlement account IBANs must be added to compensate for travel expenses.

Additional documents related to the travel (but not  cost related) can be added to the application as attachments.

Travel application rows

It is possible to add the estimated costs of the travel to the travel application rows. If other expenses are not known in advance, the daily allowance must be added as a minimum.

To add an expense row to a travel application you must click the + sign at the end of the row.

Then the following window will open:

You can select the pre-set type of expense from a drop-down menu. You must add the expense amount and a short description of the expense in the name field. For example if the selected expense type is travel expenses, it must be specified under the name that it concerns boat tickets.

Adding the daily allowance

To add the daily allowance you must also click on the + sign at the end of the daily allowance row. This takes into account the number of days entered in the application header and it is not possible to use a number of days different from the header. You can however change the daily allowance rate.

Adding car compensation

Adding compensation for a private car is analogous to adding the daily allowance. You must enter the estimated kilometres, the registration number of the car being used and the compensation rate.

Travel advance payment

It is possible to ask for an advance payment to cover travel expenses. By clicking on the + sign at the end of the row a window will open which will again display as advance information how great the daily allowance amount is. You can enter the advance payment amount yourself as necessary.

Approving the application

If the estimated travel costs have been added, the application must be sent for an approval round. For this you must select the approvers on the left in the application entry window and click the button “Send”.

The travel application can be approved in the general approval menu view:

A travel application being approved is displayed in the following division in the expenses module:

Recording advance payment

If an advance payment was asked for in the travel application to cover travel expenses, the application will move to the accountant’s desktop after approval:

The advance payment application has become a purchase invoice for the purposes of Envoice to which a recording will be added (travel expenses advance payment) and then the recorded advance payment can be exported as a purchase document from Envoice into the accounting software purchase module.

The approved application will move under the division “Travel reports not submitted” in the expenses module on the desktop and in “My travels” it will be displayed as an “Approval in process” document – application approved. A travel report can also be prepared from an approved application from these views.

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