The expenses module allows to do the following operations:

  • Photographing receipts or purchase invoices using a smartphone. You can then create business expense as well as travel reports from the photographed receipts or change the receipts into purchase invoices and send them for purchase invoice workflow;

  • Expense documents can also be uploaded from computer as PDFs and can be used in reports;

  • Preparing travel applications before going on travel and approving travel applications in an approval workflow;

  • Preparing travel reports for an individual as well as a group travel;

  • Add Purchase invoices, such as plane tickets or a hotel already paid by the company to travel reports;

  • Preparing and approving business expense reports in the Envoice approval process.

NB! Good to know: in order to submit travel and business expense reports, some settings must be made in advance (see the travel and expenses settings under accounting settings in the settings instructions); for users that submit reports themselves, there must be a tick for the role “Employee” on the user’s card.

Process scheme

Adding persons

Expense and travel reports can be prepared for others users. For example a person having a role of an accountant can submit reports this for all users of company.
For persons that do not use Envoice themselves but have been entered on the Envoice as “Persons”: (Settings->Users->Persons) can be preared reports as well.

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