The following conditions must be fulfilled to enable noting the payment of invoices:

  • The company must have ticked “Envoice payment system” in Settings > Other (not applicable with all integrations)

  • The role of a Payment Administrator must be enabled to the user.

Invoices can be marked as paid by hand in the detailed view of the invoice (in a window opened below) or it takes place automatically if the company’s bank account statement is uploaded in the menu part “Bank”.

The following view opens when you click the button “Add payment”:

In the archive view it is also possible to make payment files for making transfers to a bank. For that you must add ticks in front of the archive view rows for those invoices for which you want to create a payment file and use the button “Create payment file” in the bottom left corner of the page. Payment files can also be created for definitively approved invoices and in respect of the invoices of those suppliers whose details include settlement account data.

Invoices contained in the payment file can be marked as paid in the Envoice system as well together with preparing the payment file.

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