The archive view enables to find all purchase invoices – those that are definitively archived as well as those in respect of which the user has made their required operations and therefore they no longer see these invoices on their desktop even though the other persons are still approving or recording these invoices. There is also an option to add a filter in the archive view to narrow the search. It is possible to open the detailed view of each invoice from the archive view.

Persons that only have the role of an approver only see those invoices in the archive view where they participated in the approval round. Persons with the role of the chief accountant or an accountant can delete documents from the archive view if necessary.

Extended filters can be used to ease searching from archive:

NB! To see deleted invoices “deleted” must be selected in the “Status” field. Deleted invoices are not displayed in the archive by default, they must be sought by specific request.

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