The options of the purchase invoices modules are as follows.

  • It is possible to see all purchase invoices received by the company at any moment in time according to the rights attributed to the user. Newer invoices are displayed on the user’s Envoice desktop. Older invoices can be reviewed in the archive. The original PDF document of each invoice as well as the information added to the invoice in the Envoice procedure are visible.

  • Invoices can be received via different channels: e-mail, uploading by hand, e-invoice and mobile application. 

  • Costs analytics: add expense accounts and dimensions to purchase invoices either by invoice rows or to the entire invoice according to the needs of the company’s expenses accounting. Pre-defined templates can also be used for distributing costs. Templates can be tied to invoices automatically.

  • Purchase invoices approval round: according to the expenses and invoices coordination rules established in the company, approval rounds can be applied in Envoice. Approval rounds can be set up in advance as well as on a running basis and also linked to received invoices automatically on certain terms.

  • Paying purchase invoices: it is possible to use noting payment on purchase invoices by hand or automated payment noting upon uploading a bank statement. It is also possible to generate payment files here that can be exported to the bank for making transfers.

NB! Good to know: in order to correctly apply Envoice’s purchase process in the company it is necessary to know which activities the respective user role enables to make. You can read more about the roles of users here.

User roles views

Menu view for the role “Approver” (no set-up and adding an invoice menu points):

Menu view for the role “Accountant” (no separate approving and set-up menu point):

Menu view for the role “Chief accountant” (no separate approving menu point):

NB! Good to know: if the user does not have some menu point or functionality, the user’s roles should be checked first.

Purchase invoices desktop

A user with the accountant role has the shortest way to processing the purchase invoices related to them from the purchase invoices desktop.

Each user is shown purchase invoices according to their role in the following subdivisions.

Received purchase invoices – invoices that have arrived directly to Envoice or that the users have uploaded themselves are displayed here.

Unfinished purchase invoices – invoices that are missing VAT codes, expense accounts, dimensions or where an approval round is not added to the invoice are displayed here.

Without owner – purchase invoices in respect of which the purchase invoice entry clerk was uncertain whose activity the invoice received by the company are related and they have sent the respective question to the other users, are displayed here. If the “owner” of the invoice responds that this invoice is related to them, the invoice disappears from this subdivision.

On an automatic approval round – these are purchase invoices that have previously been linked to the supplier-based approval round. Automatic approval round can be used for these invoices where the approval round is known in advance and always the same.

Rejected – the approver did not agree to approve this invoice. The accountant must return the invoice to the supplier or delete it.

Suspended – the invoice has been put “on hold”, for example because it is necessary to obtain more information for approval.

Drafts – the invoice entry has been commenced but it has not yet been confirmed by “saving”.

Undergoing digitisation – these are invoices that are sent to the digitisation unit: if the invoice comes back digitised, it disappears from this subdivision.

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