The “Package” part of the settings provides an overview of the package used by the company, settlements and order history. Envoice’s solution can be used for free during a 14-day period. 

At the end of the period a package must be selected for future use and in order for Envoice to be able to send an invoice for the services used by the company, a billing account must be created.

Creating a billing account

The billing account determines to whom Envoice submits an invoice for the services used. Billing accounts are linked to users across Envoice. A user that already has created a billing account in some company can use the existing one. For example an office dealing with accounting may want one invoice for all of their clients and in this case they will add an accounting firm billing account for all of the companies. In general however each company should have a billing account made in the name of that company.

The new billing account can be added from under the menu “Billing accounts” on the right:

This view will appear next:

Billing account ID: Code attributed by the Envoice system.

Billing language: the selection includes the Envoice solution’s languages and the invoice will be prepared in this language by Envoice.

VAT ID.: requisite information necessary for submitting the invoice.

Company’s name and other data: which data the invoice is submitted to is entered here.

Invoice receivers e-mail addresses: the invoice can be sent to several persons simultaneously.

Payment method: currently the only possible means of payment is “invoice”, for example credit card will also be added here later.

Replacing and closing the payment account

Upon changing the billing account the company’s settlement will be transferred to the new payment account. If the replacement takes place before the end of the month, the invoice for the current month will already be submitted to the new billing account.

Closing the billing account immediately also terminates using all paid services such as digitisation or archiving in all related companies. The companies will remain linked to this billing account until they are linked to some other billing account.

The billing account can only be reopened on the day following the closing day. It is impossible to open this billing account and the billing account of its related companies until the following day. If you wish to change the billing account of some client related to the billing account they must be transferred to a new billing account before closing or on the day following closing. Companies can be unlinked from a closed billing account on the day following closing.

After closing the billing account an invoice is prepared for services used until stopping the service. This is the last invoice that is submitted if services are not reactivated

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