The purpose of adding users is to describe all users that can make operations under this company. The rights and roles of users are also determined here. Limits can be applied to users. 

Accounting settings related to users are also made here – for example the ledger accounts where entries that are related to the settlements of reporting persons are made. All persons that participate in the company’s approval rounds, prepare invoices or submit expense and travel reports to the company must be recorded as users. All persons that you wish to give the right to view the information and documents related to the company must also be recorded as users. 

Persons that are not registered as a user but in whose name for example the accountant can prepare reporting person reports in Envoice can be added in the sub-menu “Person”.

There are two options for adding a new user: add the user on the basis of the personal identification code or e-mail address. After entering the e-mail address the added user will be sent a link via e-mail. After opening the link the user can add their data and finish adding as a user.

Amending and supplementing the user’s data when the user is registered:

Job title: free text field; the job title can be added in free form – this description will be displayed in the approval round and on reports.

Settlement account: this is necessary to be filled for all users in whose name travel or business expense reports are prepared.

Work e-mail: as all users are registered in Envoice only on the basis of the first registration e-mail address, then in order to display the e-mail address of the person that prepared the document on for example sales invoices this field must be completed. The same also applies to the field “Work telephone”.

Approval limit: used if the user participates in the approval round and their powers have financial limits.

Do not want an approval round notification e-mail: as the sending of the approval round notification e-mails is set up by company, if some approving persons use Envoice on a daily basis anyway and sending notification e-mails would litter their mailbox, it is possible here to decline from receiving personal notifications by adding a tick.

Permitted IP addresses: use if the company wishes to restrict which computer Envoice can be used from.

Payment terms code: this is used for Hansa software.

Default sale correspondence account: used if the general manner of payment of the company set up for reporting persons is not suitable for a specific user and some other ledger claim account must be designated.

Default purchase correspondence account: used if the general manner of payment of the company set up for reporting persons is not suitable for a specific user and some other ledger liabilities account must be designated.

If the company is using and has set up dimensions, these can also be registered for users – in this example the department or region dimension can be selected.

NB! Good to know: in order for all users to be able to complete all settings, the chart of accounts and means of payment set-up stages must be completed first. Therefore the first user should be the chief accountant who will make all of the settings related to accounting and then the rest of the users will be added into the system.

The user’s roles

Salesman: the role enables to prepare sales invoices.

Auditor: the role is given to persons with the observer status, that see all of the company’s invoices and can prepare reports on the basis of the invoices.

Accountant: the role enables to enter purchase invoices and add recordings to documents.

Coordinator: the role enables to participate in approval rounds, but not as the final approver.

Employee: role that is given to those persons that can submit expense and travel reports themselves.

Chief accountant: the role enables to change all settings, determine approvers and send invoices for approval rounds; determines substitutes if a participant in the approval round has failed to do it for themselves; no right of confirmation and approval – this must be added as an additional role if necessary.

Approver: the role enables to approve documents designated for their approval (purchase invoices, expense and travel reports) and only see documents related to them in Envoice. One document may have several approvers.

Payment administrator: the role enables to make all operations related to payments from uploading a bank statements to marking invoices paid by hand.

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