You can register a new company on the website or an existing user can add a new company from their regular window for switching a company with the button “Register a new company”.
The following view will open in which you must fill in the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk:

NB! Good to know: if you wish to add a company registered on the commercial register, then when starting to enter the name it is possible to find the respective company and then all of the required fields will already be completed from the database.

The package selection will be displayed after entering the company’s data. The user must then choose the digitisation package and the invoice processing package. You can see all of Envoice’s options and package descriptions here.

After making the package selection the user will be displayed an overview of the order.

It is possible to combine the packages according to the user’s needs. 

All new companies have a trial period of 14 days. After clicking the “Start the trial period” button the creation of the company will be confirmed and the user will be directed to the desktop of the new/added company.

The service of sending and receiving e-invoices outside of Envoice can only be activated by a person on the company’s B card. E-invoices can be exchanged with other Envoice users without activating the external e-invoice service. In order to do so you must know the e-invoice key of the other party, which Envoice will generate and which can be seen under “Settings” in the sub-menu “Other settings”.

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