Everyone can make user-based settings themselves. You must click the little arrow next to your name at the top right corner of the screen to do so.
A menu box will open listing all companies whose user you are. Here you can also change the company where work is being done.
The next menu item is registering a new company.

My devices

This page shows all of the devices that the user has used when logging into Envoice. 

The list of devices also has a button to log out the device. This is useful if the user for some reason no longer uses the device.

By clicking the button “My devices”, the following view opens:

If the user account has been created by using mobile ID or ID card, an option to create a password shall appear on the page. A password is necessary for logging into the mobile application.

My rules

Each user can create the following personal approval rules for themselves.

Creating an unusual invoice rule

Establish a sum rule for yourself i.e. a limit from which you need to pay attention to an invoice, i.e. “Make it unusual”. An invoice that exceeds the limit shall in this case be displayed in the respective subdivision in the approval view.

Creating an automatic approval rule

You can make the approval of an invoice automatic up to a certain sum or limit: “Make automatic”. This can be done generally for all invoices as well as on a supplier-basis.


Under personal settings you can change your e-mail address and user password and choose the language in which you wish to use Envoice.

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