Envoice is a novel solution that enables to deal with all matters related to invoices in one place, using a smartphone or computer.

  • Comprehensive and complete administration of purchase invoices: receipt of invoices from various channels (paper invoices, PDF invoices received on an e-mail address, XML invoices, invoices from digitisation), approval round, accounting entries and expense distributions, possibility to pay invoices.

  • Preparation and sending of sales invoices in PDF and XML format, noting receipt of invoices.

  • A simple and convenient opportunity for reports: convenient uploading of receipts with the app, preparation and approval of travel and expense reports.

  • Fast and integrated digitisation of paper and PDF invoices and receipts.

All documents processed in Envoice are archived here as well.

As Envoice conveniently joins the work of managers and accountants, it also provides a quick visual overview of the company’s current financial situation.

In addition it is possible to upload, approve and archive all the rest of the company’s documents such as orders and contracts here as well.

In order to start using Envoice and save time on activities that are already automated in Envoice, the solution must be set up first. For many settings such as VAT rates, units etc. Envoice offers pre-made settings, which the user can perfect as necessary. As the main settings are related to accounting principles it is recommended for these settings to be made by an accountant or a person that has sufficient knowledge for it. 

The first user of Envoice will be the person that registered the enterprise and they will immediately also be provided with the role of chief accountant, which enables to adjust the settings and add users. If the company wishes to use the assistance of an accounting firm, the role of the chief accountant must be attributed to an accountant of the accounting firm.

In the settings and the entire Envoice logic all fields that are mandatory to complete are marked with “*”. If any of the mandatory fields are not completed, after saving the settings red error messages will be displayed with the respective fields and it will not be possible to save incomplete data.

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